Specialized Fighting Styles

There’s no such thing as a bad way to fight. If a man takes to killin’ strong enough, he’ll find all sorts of ways to do it.”

– Akron Vess, Shatturan mercenary

Fighters come in as many types and specializations as the monsters they hunt or the foes they face on the battlefield. Whether it’s with whips, throwing axes, tridents, or just the body mass the gods gave them, fighters train night and day to utilize their chosen tools in ways that give them the absolute edge in battle.

Below are six new fighting styles for fighters who have decided to avoid the traditional in favor of the exceptional. 

Bullseye Fighter

When you use a weapon with the Thrown property to make a ranged attack, you may immediately draw an additional weapon with the Thrown property. Additionally, you have a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with Thrown weapons.


When you are wearing heavy armor and use the Ready action to prepare for an attack or effect that would shove you back or knock you prone, you have advantage on checks or saves to resist the effect. Additionally, if you successfully resisted an attempt to shove you or knock you prone, you get a bonus action to try and shove a creature within 5 feet of you.


When you are wearing light armor or no armor, you can Disengage as a bonus action following a successful melee attack. 

Trick Shooter

While using a ranged weapon, you can decide to do no damage and instead attempt to Disarm, Restrain, or Trip the target with your shot. Additionally, you may use your reaction to take the Use an Object action (to shoot a rope, a lever, etc.). Finally, you have a +1 bonus to attack rolls on ranged attacks.

Trident and Net

When you are wielding a trident in one hand and a net in the other, you do not have disadvantage on attack rolls made with the net. Additionally, after you make a successful attack with a net, you may make a bonus attack with your trident. 

Whip Fighter

While wielding a whip you have advantage on Disarm, Trip, and Grappling attempts made with the whip. Additionally, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with whips.

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