Heprion’s Guide: Legendary Cursed Items

“I’ve spent my life cataloging artifacts with extraordinary properties. Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with some truly powerful and miraculous items. These are certainly…powerful.”

Foulow Heprion, Heprion’s Vault of Wonders.

The following are cursed legendary items that provide powerful advantages and equally painful drawbacks to players using them. 

The Blood Fangs

Weapons (short swords), legendary (requires attunement) 

These curved short swords are wrapped in beautiful red silk, their vicious edges seem to gleam with their own internal light. 

Forged using the poisonous metal spiritfell and wrapped in siphon’s silk, The Blood Fangs were commissioned by the fallen angel Hissigiel for use by her demonic assassins. These cruel blades were used by Hissigiel’s minions to advance her nefarious goals for years before they were eventually lost on the Prime Material plane. You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with these magic weapons.

  Venomous Strike. As a reaction, you can force a creature that you’ve damaged with these weapons this round to make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the target’s Constitution score is reduced by 1d4. The reduction lasts until the target finishes a short or long rest. On a successful save, the target instead takes an additional 2d6 necrotic damage. 

  Phantom Strike. The Blood Fangs have 3 charges. You may expend a charge to make a melee attack against a creature up to 150 feet away that you can see as though they were within your normal melee strike range. The Blood Fangs regain all expended charges daily at dusk.

  Cursed. The moment that you attune to The Blood Fangs, cruel spikes spring from their silk wrapping, driving into your skin and draining your life force. Your hit points are immediately reduced by two hit dice. This reduction lasts until your curse is removed and you break attunement to the weapons.

Abyssal Materials

Spiritfell and siphon’s silk are both special materials produced on the Abyssal planes. Although they are incredibly rare, they can be found on the Prime Material from time to time. 

Spiritfell. Poison saves made as a result of taking damage from a weapon forged with this infernal ore are made with disadvantage.

Siphon’s Silk. Generally used in blood magic rituals, items made with siphon’s silk provide arcane benefits in exchange for the user’s life force. 

Gauntlets of Pyrrus

Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement) 

These ornate, ivory gauntlets are inscribed with runes and symbols lost to time.

Created from the bones of the titan, Pyrrus, these gauntlets have made a few significant appearances throughout history. While wearing the Gauntlets of Pyrrus, you gain the following benefits:

  • You can lift twice your normal capacity. 
  • You have resistance to bludgeoning damage. Additionally, you take half damage incurred from falling or from something falling onto you. 
  • You gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls made with any melee weapon. 

  Cursed. As you attune to the Gauntlets of Pyrrus, your mind is immediately clouded by the titan’s arrogance and overconfidence. All Wisdom saving throws and Charisma ability checks that you attempt have Disadvantage. This effect remains until your curse is removed and you break attunement to the gauntlets. 

Capridohn’s Magic Bag

Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement) 

This gorgeously crafted coin purse is made from supple golden leather and lightly vibrates when touched. 

Capridohn’s Magic Bag was created by the felonious artificer Reginal Capridohn from the hide of a blink dog. He used it throughout his entire criminal career to evade authorities and his many enemies before his mysterious disappearance.   

  Capridohn’s Magic Bag has 2 charges. You may expend a charge to magically teleport up to 60 feet in any direction to an unoccupied space. You may immediately take your attack action directly before or after you teleport. You may also expend a charge to see 20 feet through any wall. Capridohn’s Magic Bag regains all expended charges daily at sunrise, or when you fill it with items or coins equal in value to 100 gold.

  Cursed. As you attune to Capridohn’s Magic Bag, you gain a cursed vision of a massive vault filled with items and gold. Any item or coins placed within this bag are immediately teleported to Capridohn’s hidden vault. Each time you gain any amount of wealth, in items or coins, Capridohn’s Magic Bag requires a tithe equal to 10 percent of the value gained. You have one hour to place the required tithe into Capridohn’s Magic Bag or it expends a charge to teleport you in a random direction. Items or coins gained during this time to satisfy the tithe do not incur this penalty. This effect remains until your curse is removed and you break attunement to the bag.

Tome of Sassadore

Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement by a warlock) 

This manual is bound in thick purple leather and is secured with a superfluous amount of straps and buckles.

The Tome of Sassadore is rumored to be the most complete book available for the esoteric ways of warlocks. Compiled by the legendary mad warlock, Sassadore, it’s said that a piece of his soul is still contained within this manual’s pages. 

  While attuned to this book you gain two cantrips from any spell list. You can cast those cantrips at will and they don’t count against your number of cantrips known. Additionally, you may increase your spell save DC for your spells and invocations by 2.

  Vampiric Bolt. Whenever you damage a creature using eldritch blast or witch bolt, you gain hit points equal to the amount of damage dealt. 

  Portal Pages. As an action, you can enter the Tome of Sassadore. You may stay within the book for up to seven days at a time. While inside, you do not require food or drink, and attacks and spells cannot cross through this extradimensional space. You are supernaturally aware of everything happening outside of the Tome of Sassadore while you are within it.

  Cursed. As you open this book your mind is immediately filled with the smiling image of the mad warlock Sassadore. You are instantly afflicted with an indefinite madness and all subsequent saves you make against madness are made with disadvantage.  Additionally, all Charisma checks made by the Tome of Sassadore against you are made with advantage. This effect remains until your curse is removed and you break attunement to the book.

  Sentience. The Tome of Sassadore is a sentient chaotic neutral item with an Intelligence of 18, a Wisdom of 18, and a Charisma of 20. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 60 feet.

  The item communicates telepathically with whoever is attuned to it and can speak, read, and understand all standard languages as well as Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal, and Sylvan. 

  Personality. Although Sassadore was by all accounts insane, he was able to use his advanced intelligence and wisdom to capably function a majority of the time, occasionally losing himself to his madness and his own erratic nature. Sassadore was a man with the ability to rapidly attract followers, and he used his inherent magnetism to inflame their desires and to twist their minds to see his vision and goals as their own. 

  The imprint that lies within this tome is as wily and wicked as its source and will seek to manipulate and drive the user toward its own goals of growth and power, with the inevitable goal of overtaking the user entirely.  

Featured Image: The Blood Fangs by Victor Benitez Morales

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