Downtime Destinations: The Cantrip Cantina

An absolutely lovely establishment run by a singular woman. Perhaps not the most powerful wizard I’ve ever met, but definitely the most powerful mixologist!”

– Marreltok Physan, traveling wizard

The Cantrip Cantina is a one-of-a-kind establishment that’s famous among adventurous drinkers and infamous among serious wizarding circles. Owned and operated by the unconventional caster Arleena Rindaloo, this tavern is a fun addition to any traveler’s guidebook. 

Arcane Oddity

Arleena Rindaloo was admitted into a prestigious school for magic at an incredibly young age. By all accounts, she was a prodigy, and the expectations of her teachers and peers were very high. But instead of progressing in the exceptional way that was predicted for her, Arleena stalled, unable to achieve more than the casting of cantrips. She seemed destined to fall by the wayside, as so many young wizards do, which greatly distressed her family and teachers. But Arleena embraced her unusual gift and decided to bury herself in her small spells, creating new ones and tweaking those she found to be too ordinary. She was overjoyed with what she was able to do and was completely willing to spend the rest of her life continuing on with her cantrips in peace. 

  The other wizards of her school were unimpressed with Arleena’s attitude. As far as they were concerned, she was nothing more than a failed wizard and had no place among their ranks. But as usual, Arleena bucked expectations and struck out from the school before they had the opportunity to ask her to leave. Her mind was made up, she would create a place of her own, a place where she could pursue her passions and search for like-minded souls traveling the world. And so the Cantrip Cantina was born.

High Ceilings, Higher Spirits

The Cantrip Cantina is as unique as the woman who built it. Made from thick beams of cherry wood and sporting intricate stained glass windows on every side, the most striking feature that the two-story bar has is its domed copper roof, etched with elaborate murals that Arleena changes with the seasons. Inside, the top of the dome can be seen from the full bar on the first floor, past the second-floor gallery that stretches around the interior.

  Although the beauty of the building would be enough to draw potential patrons in off the street, its the reputation of the Cantrip Cantina’s drinks that are the real attraction. In addition to her uncanny ability with cantrips, Arleena is adept at infusing her drinks with slight magical enhancements. Most of these arcane inebriants only offer short effects meant to make an evening out more enjoyable, like causing the drinker to glow softly or dance better, but there are rumors that Arleena has more “top-shelf” brews with longer, more powerful effects. 

  In addition to a friendly atmosphere and first-rate service, the Cantrip Cantina hosts a monthly meeting for unorthodox wizards. Most of these meetings consist of the handful of students that have taken to Arleena’s cantrip first philosophy (which she refers to as Cantripothy), but they happily host any open-minded casters with stories and spells to share. Wizards of the School of the Rover are frequently found at Arleena’s gatherings, gladly swapping cantrips and tales from the road.

Arleena’s Offerings

Arleena is constantly tweaking her menu of drinks and her own personal collection of cantrips, but there are always a few trusty standbys that visitors can look forward to when they walk through her doors. 

The following are a few top-shelf cantrips and drinks that players can discover while visiting the Cantrip Cantina. 


Transmutation cantrip

Casting Time: 1 bonus action

Range: Touch

Components: V, S, M (a pinch of salt)

Duration: Instantaneous

You touch a container of liquid (up to 4 quarts) and immediately remove any alcohol content that it might have. Nothing else changes about the drink and there is no indication that it has been altered in any way. 

Out of a Hat

Divination cantrip

Casting Time: 1 reaction, which you take when you are asked for a specific name or password.

Range: 10 feet

Components: V, S

Duration: Instantaneous

When you are asked for a password, name, or number, you may attempt to pull it from the interrogating creature’s mind. The target creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or you immediately pull the small bit of information from their head as though you already knew it.

Bewitcher’s Brew

Extraordinary liquor

5 gp, 1 pint.

You can feel your reservations and insecurities melt away as you drink this frothy, lavender-colored beer. For the next 10 minutes, you have a +2 bonus to all Charisma (Persuasion) checks made. 

Stardust Ale

Extraordinary liquor

12 gp, 1 pint.

This phosphorescent, fire orange drink burns and bubbles pleasantly and seems to sharpen your focus as you drink it. Your next Intelligence or Wisdom saving throw is made with advantage. This effect ends after 24 hours. 

Featured Image: Arleena Rindaloo, the Cantrip Cantina by Anderson Maia

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