Adventurer’s Toolkit: Traveling in Style

“Gnomes may lack our personality and good looks, but those stubby little bastards know how to build a cart.”

– Darmen Raxmar, Hill Dwarf Adventurer

Travel (often of the long and arduous variety) is an accepted part of adventuring. Although there are many options to make seafaring quests more comfortable and expeditious, land quests are often across terrain too rough and treacherous for even a horse, let alone the carts and wagons used in more urbanized areas of the continent. Luckily for adventurers far and wide, gnomes have a knack for innovation and gut for commerce, so for those willing to invest in their party’s protection and comfort, they’ve created the aptly named adventurer’s wagon.

Modern Marvel

Adventurer’s wagons are created from rattlewood, which makes them lighter and more durable than traditional wooden wagons, and are equipped with oversized wheels that have been wrapped in softstone, a Dwarven material that not only adds strength to the wheel but provides a smoother and quieter ride than most traditional carts. It has a gnomish suspension system that adapts to rough terrain all while providing the stability needed to stay seated or fire off the odd bolt. A specially treated leather cover and the bows to support it can be released from under the cart with a crank, making the wagon virtually weatherproof and providing some inconspicuous armor against potential volleys of arrows. 

  The spacious interior contains two retractable benches on each side of the cart that provide adventurers with the option to face outward or inward toward one another. Each side also has footholds to provide added balance against possible attacks, as well as rattlewood shields that can be raised from all sides for added protection. There’s enough room to seat six (with armor) and room for them to sleep – four on the floor and two from a hammock suspended from the cover. The bottom contains storage space with enough room for traveling gear and rations and there’s more storage space under the driver’s bench which can be accessed from a sliding panel in the back and in the built-in water or food barrels on either side of the cart. In addition to the capable adventuring party that the wagon can house, it comes with the added security of expertly crafted locks on the wheels and storage compartments.  

Prized Possession

All of these luxuries come at a fairly steep price, so owning an adventurer’s wagon is generally out of the question for new groups of adventurers and more often for established crews who spend their time (and money) traveling from quest to quest. Once a party reaches a point in their careers that warrants and allows for the purchase of an adventurer’s wagon, it quickly becomes a prized possession for the entire group. Well-known bands of heroes often emblazon their name or symbol on the side of the wagon, allowing it to herald their arrival as they travel through the realms. Of course, savvy parties don’t stop at aesthetic modifications, so it’s not uncommon for adventurer’s wagons to gain an assortment of mechanical or magical enhancements throughout their lifetimes, either through jury-rigging of the group or through individuals who specialize in those types of customizations.

Adventurer’s Wagon

Large vehicle (14 ft. by 9 ft.)

AC: 17

Hit Points: 150 (damage threshold 10)

Damage Immunities: poison, psychic

Creature Capacity: 3 front, 6 interior

Team Required: 4 large creatures. 

Cost: 1,500 gp


Designed By: Keith Pendley
Featured Image: Dungeoneer’s Pack by Victor Benitez Morales
Featured Image: Adventurer’s Wagon by Alex Pushkarev
Featured Image: Adventurer’s Wagon Interior by Christopher Knapp

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