Primal Path: Path of Hoof and Horn

“Our smiths may provide us great weapons of steel, but never forget the first gifts given to the children of the Arinast.”

— Satyr Proverb

The Path of Hoof and Horn is one traveled by the fierce and rugged Satyrs of the Arinast mountains. Among the peaks and forests of their feral wintry home, these barbarians prosper in the face of monstrous creatures and the unforgiving elements. Well known both on and off of the mountain for their prowess in battle, the barbarians of the Path of Hoof and Horn have learned to use their natural gifts to deadly effect.

This archetype is specific to the new race introduced in Remarkable Races: Satyrs 

Featured Image: Satyr Path of Hoof of Horn Barbarian by Anderson Maia

You can download this PDF on DriveThruRpg.

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