Familiar Faces: Noggle’s Beetle

“I wouldn’t imagine that there’s been a more clever insect created by natural means. But their confounded language is terrible on the joints.”

– Izra Noggle, First Keeper of the Twenty-third library

Noggle’s Beetles spend their time scuttling among the mosses and funguses that grow along the danker areas in the world and are always a welcome sight to dungeoneers who know what they have to offer. Although after a few moments of observation, even novice adventurers are soon taken in by their unusual charm.

This supplement includes:

  • Lore and statistics on the Noggle’s Beetle.
  • 8 new enchanted mushrooms to be be found (or grown) with your new familiar.

Featured Image: Noggle’s Beetle by Anderson Maia

You can download this PDF on DriveThruRpg.

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