Creaturecopia: Garshep

“I traded them a blouse and three scarves for a bag of platinum. It was all very muddy, but still very spendable. I love those adorable little rubes!”

– Scarlett Natham, Adventurer

Garshep are small, amicable humanoids that make their homes in mud tunnels and burrows in marshes and fens around the continent. They’re short, pot-bellied creatures with spindly arms and legs, black eyes, and bodies covered in downy fur that seems to shed water easily. Although Garshep prefer to stay out of the way of danger, they’ll bravely fight anything or anyone that threatens their homes.

This supplement includes:

  • Lore and statistics on the Garshep
  • The regional effects of their pseudo-deity, the Mahna
  • Plot hooks to get your party of adventurers involved with this new creature

Featured Image: Garshep by Alex Pushkarev

You can download this free PDF on DriveThruRpg.

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