Remarkable Races: Awakened Familiar

“It was astounding to see how their attitudes toward me subtly changed. I was no longer the small friend that they knew. No longer the pet they could coddle. I was something different. Something more, yes, but not something that they wanted.”

— Urmel, Found Familiar: A New Man’s Tale.

Awakened Familiars enter the world abruptly and seemingly at random. Whether due to the sudden death of their master, a blessing, curse, or some other great magical anomaly, Awakened Familiars go from dutifully serving their mages in one breath to an entirely new existence in the next.

This supplement includes:

  • Stats for the playable race, Awakened Familiar.
  • 3 Familiar Subraces.
  • Quirks for roleplaying each subrace.

You can find additional information on the creatures mentioned in this supplement in our previous releases, Familiar Faces: Noggle’s Beetle and Familiar Faces: Holderkin

You can download this PDF on DriveThruRpg.


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