Creaturecopia: Skremp

“Never shall you find another creature less aware of its own annoying nature than a skremp. They talk too much, too often, and too loudly. Everywhere they go trouble follows them, or they create it where there’s none to be found. Worse yet, they seem to have an immensely good time while doing it all.”

– Razmer Highrandus, Majeer

Skremps are small goblinoids that stand on average between 3 and 3 and a half feet tall, with greyish-green skin, large ears, and slightly oversized hands and feet. Their impulsive natures, blunt speech, and overall crass demeanor is a taste acquired by few and has garnered them a reputation as everything from dangerous pests to resilient and humorous allies.

This supplement includes:

  • Lore and statistics on the Skremp.
  • Plot hooks to get your party of adventurers involved with this new creature.
  • Racial traits to turn this unruly creature into a Player Option!

Featured Image: Skremp by Anderson Maia

You can download this PDF on DriveThruRpg.

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