Realms of The Underground: Underground Oracle Quarterly Vol. 2

The second quarterly from Underground Oracle Publishing is now ready for your 5e gaming tables.

Here you will find all of the weekly releases published by Underground Oracle throughout December of 2019 and January and February of 2020, all complemented by the professional layout of Nathan Paoletta.

In addition to the weekly Adventurer Supplements, this volume also contains the Hero Supplements released during the quarter, as well as pages of previously unreleased materials that both GMs and PCs will find helpful and interesting.

Inside of Realms of The Underground: Underground Oracle Quarterly Vol. 2, you’ll find:

  • New Archetypes
  • New Spells
  • New Feats
  • New Creatures
  • New Locations
  • New Backgrounds
  • New NPCs
  • New Artifacts
  • New Mushrooms
  • A New Race
  • A New Familiar
  • A New Festival
  • A New Deity and her Domain
  • A New Guild
  • A New Otherworldly Patron
  • and tons of deep lore to tie everything together!


Featured Image: The Mahna and Garshep by Mike Tenebrae

You can download this PDF on DriveThruRpg or Sign up now on Patreon and never miss a release!

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