The Cantrip Cantina: A Mermaid’s Menu

A warm salt breeze is blowing in from the beach, and sailors and seamen of every variety have poured into the Cantrip Cantina, bringing with them tales and tastes from coast to coast. The most popular of their stories revolve around their daring encounters with various merfolk and the mysterious creatures under their command. To honor those rulers of the tides as well as her seafaring clientele, Arleena has created a new batch of boozy beverages fit for the Father of the Seas himself.

This supplement includes:

  • New cantrips.
  • New extraordinary liquors.
  • A new feat that dives deeper into Arleena’s cantrip-first casting methodology, Cantripothy!

You can read more about Arleena Rindaloo and the Cantrip Cantina in our previous titles, Downtime Destinations: The Cantrip Cantina and The Cantrip Cantina: Holiday Libations.

Featured Image: Arleena Rindaloo by Victor Benitez Morales

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