Esoteric Texts: Spells of Cruormancy

“All magic has its cost. Whether by the hands of the gods or the laws of the universe, spells this abstruse demand a powerful exchange to unleash their true potential.” 

— DahKikus, the Hex Blood

Cruormancy, or the practicing of blood spells, is an ancient and powerful school of magic that has been all but forgotten by modern wizards. Although cruormancy has been banned at any major wizarding academies and its use is seen as extremely taboo by casters of note, there are rare wizards that can be found scattered throughout the realms who have mastered the use of this banned school of magic.

The following are wizard-specific spells that allow your caster to sacrifice some of their own precious lifeblood to affect the blood of their enemies. As with all new play options, please consult your Game Master to verify that these spells mesh well with the vision and direction of their game.

This supplement includes:

  • An introduction to cruormancy, a new school of blood magic.
  • 5 new wizard-specific spells.

Featured Image: Esoteric Text by Dean Spencer

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