Arcane Tradition: School of Cruormancy

“There’s nothing evil in what I do. The superstitious may balk at how I gained my power, but my magic is as neutral a force as the blades they so blindly depend on.” 

– Rasford Mulvane, Cruormancer

Although the school of cruormancy is considered to be one of the lost schools of ancient, there are rare wizards hidden throughout the world who have focused their time and energies into tracking down this school’s obscure spells and mastering their weaves. Sometimes referred to as blood mages, Cruormancers are more than willing to sacrifice their own lifeblood in exchange for greater power.

This supplement includes:

  • The Cruormancer archetype!
  • 5 new wizard-specific cruormancy spells.

Featured Image: Cruormancer by Anderson Maia

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