Monsters Mythica: Snallygaster

“Yeah, it exists! I saw that damned Snailyghoster or Snallygaster, whatever you call it, I saw it swoop out of nowhere quick as you like and pick a mule right off the cart. Poor lass barely had time to bray before they were gone.”

– Burlan Artansaw, Rowendale brewmaster

Despite the snallygaster’s presence in folklore throughout the realms, there are not many who actually believe in its existence. This monstrous creature’s legendary bloodlust coupled with its bizarre appearance makes it something that general folk are more than happy to write off as a tall tale. But unfortunately for those traveling through deserted roads and open meadows while the snallygaster roams, choosing not to believe isn’t always an option.

This supplement includes:

  • Lore and statistics on the snallygaster.
  • Plot hooks to get your party of adventurers involved with this new creature.
  • An exclusive artifact that can be made after an encounter with this cruormantic cryptid!

Featured Image: Snallygaster by Alex Pushkarev

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