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Shard Tabletop: VTT

Shard is a VTT dedicated to the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. They aim to be the place all 5e GMs, players, and creators want to be. Unlike generic VTTs, embracing the 5e ruleset makes it easier for GMs and players to jump right into their game without the typical complexity of other virtual tabletops. If you’re currently one of our Champion Tier patrons –  or sign up as one – in addition to your current rewards, you’ll gain access to all of our future supplements on Shard Tabletop, as well as the entirety of our backlog as it becomes available

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Our Podcast and Stream Partners







Awfully Queer Heroes

We are Awfully Queer Heroes. A collection of queer creators that got together to play D&D. We don’t know each other very well, so we will be getting to know each other as you get to know our characters!

Barrermaw has a relatively short and bloody history but times are changing. Across the world, new magic is being discovered, technology is thriving and people are beginning to live more in harmony with one another. Underneath the prosperity of these thriving nations is those who wish to burn the world to the ground and build it up anew. Others simply want chaos and pain. With such a young star so much is still unknown, it takes but one false move for the scales to shift in the favor of evil.











From Afar Podcast

Welcome to From Afar Podcast! The 5e actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast created by four distant friends! Join in on the fun as we whisk you away to far away lands, daring adventures, and mostly just friendly foibles and banter as we include you in a part of our lives that brings us immense happiness and camaraderie.

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Metal & Magic Podcast

A group of people from all walks of life have been chosen by items imbued with divine power to undertake a task of great importance. Dubbed “The Champions of Glim” it is their task to stop a tyrant from destroying the continent. Along the way, they will face demons, crazed mages, deep-sea beasts, and all manner of societal and extraordinary problems. Collecting various divine items bestowed upon them by the gods, they will attempt to destroy a demon lord and save the world. Join us every Saturday for a seriously fun time!

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The Natural Ones

A world of freedom from the machinations of the gods, the Mountain Dews are a group of freelancers brought together by a single drive: discovery. Discovery of self, of the world, of the very fabric of magic. Facing a world that cares nothing for them and people who seem too caught up in their own troubles to care, they must navigate through the harshness to bring about the changes they seek…and do so without losing who they are in the process. Catch us every Wednesday, and welcome to the Natural Ones.

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Paradice RPG

An unlikely band of adventurers travelling together stumble upon the mystery of the Pallid Mask, a mysterious artifact that possesses whomever wears it. They’ve uncovered secrets about each other along the way, and while some are slow to trust, our heroes are becoming a family. Catch the adventures of The Wayward Five on Advantage in Paradice every Monday night at 7pm EST on our Twitch channel, and be sure to check out our other programming on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and monthly on Saturdays!

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Rolling in the Geek

Greetings and salutations citizens of the Internet! We are Rolling in the Geek. Just a diesel mechanic, a radio DJ, and Property Inspector who love playing tabletop RPG’s so much, we decided to record and produce the crazy for your listening….erm…pleasure? For those who don’t know us, we are a actual play ttrpg podcast currently running a weekly D&D 5e and a monthly Power Outage campaign! We are on all major platforms and you can find all of our stuff on our website. Can’t wait to have you join us at the table! Until then, have an awesome day! -Brad, Nick, and Ken

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Our Professional Game Master Partners









GM Jerry

I am a professional Game Master that focuses on D&D 5e, Pathfinder and Starfinder. No matter which universe I’m in, I love telling stories, and setting up the heroes and watching them succeed, despite what I throw at them. I’m very “Family Friendly”, and prefer to run a clean-language game (try to keep it PG-13, and we’ll do great.)

I am a teacher and story-teller at heart. I love crafting new places, thoughts and ideas with people then watching those simple ideas become reality. If you would like to explore new worlds, let me know, and I’ll help you get started.

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