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Shard Tabletop: VTT

Shard is a VTT dedicated to the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. They aim to be the place all 5e GMs, players, and creators want to be. Unlike generic VTTs, embracing the 5e ruleset makes it easier for GMs and players to jump right into their game without the typical complexity of other virtual tabletops. If you’re currently one of our Champion Tier patrons –  or sign up as one – in addition to your current rewards, you’ll gain access to all of our future supplements on Shard Tabletop, as well as the entirety of our backlog as it becomes available

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Our Podcast and Stream Partners








Dungeons & Dummies

Question: What happens when you take an old-school DM, three total noobs, and a salty seasoned host and throw them into a twisted tale of Orphans Against Asmodeus?

Answer: Dungeons and Dummies!

The show that rolls a Nat 20 for Planning and a Critical fail for Execution… EVERY SINGLE TIME! Join the Heroes of Quaervarr on an epic journey through the Forgotten Realms as the DM does his best to weave a timeless thrilling tapestry of triumph and treachery while the players likewise do their best to unravel it all with their horseplay and hijinks!

You can catch the chaos for yourself every Wednesday night LIVE on YouTube @ 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST.

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Dungeons Mechanics

Dungeon Mechanics is a group of military, veteran, family, friends, and creatives that get together to play D&D and other community games, with a long list of ongoing campaigns providing 5th edition content straight for your viewing pleasure. Here lies a host of DMs that keep the community engaged as the content persists, where pride is built around an environment that is welcoming and inclusive while still being fun and lighthearted. This creates a level of safety that allows your creative muses to flow freely without fear of judgment, providing content that is either streamed, pre-recorded or hosted within our discord and allows the comfort of letting the player decide how they wish to play, whether it be with the camera on or off. This level of attention does not stop there, with giveaways, channel rewards, a line of savvy emotes and more – we welcome you to partake in the chaos. Join us for weekly TTRPG shenanigans and remember…

“Everyone’s welcome at our table” – DuM Staff

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Fabled 42

Fabled 42 is a community of content creators, designers, artists, streamers, bloggers and writers united by their love of Dungeons and Dragons. We consider ourselves an incubator for 5e based homebrew campaigns and other geeky creative content. To us, community means everything. We are champions of inclusivity and there is room for all at our table. Created by Army veteran and master world builder Chris Solo, what started as just one weekly campaign, has now expanded into numerous campaigns talking place in distinctly different worlds and several talk shows. Through meticulous world-building, riveting role-playing, detailed maps, custom terrain and miniatures, ambient sound effects, and original artwork, Fabled 42 takes you on an immersive journey through fantastical new worlds. Click on the Shows tab to learn more about each one. Check out our calendar to stay up to date with all our shows, special events, and ever-expanding programming. Welcome to Fabled 42. Your answer to the ultimate question. And remember…the choice is yours!

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From Afar Podcast

Welcome to From Afar Podcast! The 5e actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast created by four distant friends! Join in on the fun as we whisk you away to far away lands, daring adventures, and mostly just friendly foibles and banter as we include you in a part of our lives that brings us immense happiness and camaraderie.

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Mindflayed Mondays

We are a team of professional Dungeon Masters who love to create stories for you and your adventuring companions! If you are looking to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons, or are you already an experienced player and just want to take it to the next level – look no further! Our group of Dungeon Masters has over 20 years of experience. We currently play and run weekly games and have hosted a number of one-off events.

Stay up to date with our soon-to-be-released podcast known as “Heroes of Voxis” which follows several heroes in a world that floats high in the skies above… We have several items available on the DMs Guild and sell T-Shirts on Amazon.

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Paradice Productions

An unlikely band of adventurers travelling together stumble upon the mystery of the Pallid Mask, a mysterious artifact that possesses whomever wears it. They’ve uncovered secrets about each other along the way, and while some are slow to trust, our heroes are becoming a family. Catch the adventures of The Wayward Five on Advantage in Paradice every Monday night at 7pm EST on our Twitch channel, and be sure to check out our other programming on Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and monthly on Saturdays!

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Rolling in the Geek

Greetings and salutations citizens of the Internet! We are Rolling in the Geek. Just a diesel mechanic, a radio DJ, and Property Inspector who love playing tabletop RPG’s so much, we decided to record and produce the crazy for your listening….erm…pleasure? For those who don’t know us, we are a actual play ttrpg podcast currently running a weekly D&D 5e and a monthly Power Outage campaign! We are on all major platforms and you can find all of our stuff on our website. Can’t wait to have you join us at the table! Until then, have an awesome day! -Brad, Nick, and Ken

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Scry Society

Scry Society is a TTRPG-variety streaming and publishing venture, run by Nick Galvin, a lifetime TTRPG player. They stream monthly charity one-shots with a rotating cast of guests from the community. Their first published D&D adventure, Into the Mists, was the final stretch goal unlocked in the Shard Tabletop Kickstarter, and is now available on Shard’s Marketplace.

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ZealZaddy is all about Tabletop Games Love. They stream actual plays and host DMing and Worldbuilding discussions on Twitch; drop DMing, Worldbuilding, and actual play VODs on Youtube; and create content with rich storylines and deep lore for DMs who appreciate roleplay and adventure foremost.

Our flagship D&D actual play, “Elixia,” is on Tuesdays at 9:30 PM EST. “Story Talk,” a 3 DMs roundtable, is the third Saturday of every month at 7:30 PM EST. We have two quarterly one-shots: “ZibbleZabble Theater,” our sock puppet D&D game, and “Gods of Creation,” our D&D game with amazing creators of professional D&D content. Occasionally we also run mini-campaigns (2-3 sessions) of other systems we love like Tales From the Loop, Invisible Sun, Over the Edge, Blue Planet, and Esper Genesis.

In February 2022 we are launching “Vadashar,” a deep-dive into a single D&D city. It will be released on Patreon, DriveThruPG, and Shard Tabletop. Each week will be an NPCs, location, monster, item, event or festival, organization, or more—all for one locale. There will be ongoing, interconnected lore, that will make the city come to life the more you put them together. The city of Vadashar will be perfect to drop into most any fantasy campaign, and help you with rich urban storytelling in a most-dangerous city. Watch for it.

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