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Here at Underground Oracle Publishing, we produce original, full-color supplements that you can slot directly into your existing 5th edition games. New archetypes, locations, spells, creatures, and more all mechanically sound, playtested, and filled with lore that you can use to flesh out your games.

Although you can access our full catalog on DriveThru RPG, you can save tons of money and never miss a supplement by joining our Patreon at either the Champion or Adventurer level. Here’s how our tiers break down:

Adventurer Tier – $3 Monthly

Champion Tier – $6 Monthly

Average Monthly Savings – $18+ Average Monthly Savings – $40+
* Previous month’s releases on sign up * Previous two month’s releases on sign up
* Weekly Adventurer Supplements * Weekly Adventurer Supplements
* Monthly Hero Supplements – Previous Month * Monthly Hero Supplements – Current Month
* Monthly Map Packs * Monthly Map Packs
* Quarterly “Realms of the Underground” volume. * Quarterly “Realms of the Underground” volume.
* Bi-Quarterly Champion Supplement
*Each of our supplements optimized for Shard Tabletop

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