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We’re an ENnie-nominated, bestselling, 3rd party publisher creating 5th edition supplements for both players and GMs. We take a lore-first approach to all titles that we create, producing unique and high-quality supplements that drive storytelling from both sides of the screen.

Through our Patreon and Ko-fi, we release twice-monthly supplements in the vein of Tasha’s or Xanathar’s that patrons can gain early access to for as little as $3 per month.

How Your Support Works

We spend our time creating supplements that we can be proud to add to the roleplaying community. And to make sure that anyone interested can sample our wares no matter their financial situation, we keep a rolling selection of PWYW titles available at all times on our Drivethru RPG and Ko-fi storefronts chosen each month by subscribers at our $1.50 tier and up.

By supporting us through Patreon or Ko-fi, you’ll not only be helping us get one step closer to making our publishing side gig our only full-time jobs, you’ll also be helping us provide free, quality supplements for the rest of the ttrpg community.

Shard Tabletop Compatible

We’ve partnered with Shard Tabletop to bring our materials to your virtual tabletops. For those of you who don’t know, Shard is a VTT dedicated to the 5th edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. They aim to be the place all 5e GMs, players, and creators want to be. Unlike generic VTTs, embracing the 5e ruleset makes it easier for GMs and players to jump right into their game without the typical complexity of other virtual tabletops. Patrons at our $6 tier and up gain access to our full library of materials on Shard Tabletop for use in their virtual games.

Join The Underground Discord

We’ve built an active discord of people who have helped us cultivate a non-toxic, supportive, and positive environment to celebrate our love of 5th edition. You don’t have to be a member of our Patreon to join The Underground, so if you’re looking for exclusive news from Underground Oracle Publishing, server giveaways, monthly movie nights, ongoing 5e games, and more, come and check us out.

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