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As our current patrons know, we release original and polished supplements every month – new play options for GMs and PCs to slot into their existing 5th edition games that are full of flavor and lore to help flesh out your characters and encounters.

And now, if you’re one of our Champion Tier patrons, you gain access to the entirety of our supplement library through Shard Tabletop, a VTT designed for 5e from the ground up.

Not only is this the only way to access all of our materials as a new patron, but it’s also the best way to get errata updates. Our Shard supplements will always reflect the most recent updates and versions of our materials as we grow, progress, and take in feedback from our patrons and customers.

Plus, right now when you sign up with Shard Tabletop (for free) you also gain access to 16 of our supplements as a part of your base Shard account. You can sign up for Shard here and see for yourself how Shard and The Underground Oracle can improve your 5th edition experience.


Shard Tabletop

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