Friends of The Underground ~ Tales from the Dungeon Ep.40 – A Story of Names and Mythes part 2

We are incredibly overjoyed to present our collaboration with Speaking Stone Studio. This 26-minute story of the Xarlphus is incredibly inspiring, well-told, and completely representative of what we would do if we had the talent that Joel is blessed with.

This is a free episode, and you don’t have to have listened to part 1 to understand what’s happening, but we highly recommend listening to Speaking Stone Studio’s stories. They’re chock full of amazing storytelling, ambiance, and the perfect length for casual listening. You can find the Patreon here, and you can subscribe to the podcast on almost every platform available.

Tales From The Dungeon Ep.40 – A Story of Names and Mythes part 2.

Meyla and her party listen in as Sarkysian tells a story, a story of a creature most believe to be a myth…..

Episode 40 Link

Speaking Stone Studio

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