Remarkable Races: Shandow

“We are all just leaves floating upon a wild river. What we have been blessed with are glimpses of the safest current.”

— Hira-Solones, High Seer

Nestled along the foothills of the Arinast mountains, the Shandow lead lives of tranquility, meditation, and prophecy. Although they may not have the presence in the realms that races with greater numbers have had, from the shadow of the mountains they have developed philosophies and given prophecies that have changed the direction of the continent.

This supplement includes:

  • Stats for the playable race, the Shandow.
  • Details about their culture and the creation myth of their people.
  • Lore and trivia for you to use when roleplaying your Shandow character.

Featured Image: Shandow by Anderson Maia

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