Underground Map Packs: Crystal Caverns

It was strange how clean everything smelled. When Geldin had heard that they would be trekking through a cave, the hill dwarf had filled his bag with extra pairs of socks and his head with the terrible expectations that previous spelunking trips had brought him; musty air, wet feet, and an uncomfortable lack of space. But this was certainly no dank hole in the earth. Everything around him seemed to shimmer, even the air took on an effervescent quality as the light from their torches bounced off of the crystals that sprouted from the walls and floor all around him. Hells, Geldin got the distinct feeling that a wound might actually heal quicker in here. It all felt so…pristine.

So why were they all holding their breath? Geldin snuck a look over his shoulder at Var and was slightly unsettled to see the well-armed woman squeezing the handle of her war hammer in the way she often did right before a battle, brows furrowed and chin down. Aris didn’t look any calmer than she did, which given the elf’s typically placid demeanor left an even deeper pit in Geldin’s stomach. Despite the beauty that seemed to dance on every mote around them something felt off. Maybe the cavern doesn’t want anything disrupting its purity? The hill dwarf shook his head and kept moving forward. Too late for that nonsense now. Besides, Geldin smiled to himself as he led them deeper into the cavern.

How often do you get to fight with dry socks on?

This Map Pack includes:

  • The Crystal Caverns battle map and 4 variants!
  • Gridded and Ungridded versions of each ready for use with your favorite VTT.
  • Adventure Seeds that you can use to get your players to your battle map.
  • A trinkets table full of unique items your players could find while exploring the Crystal Caverns.

Featured Image: Crystal Caverns by Alyssa Christensen

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