Bardic College: College of the Curse Caller

“In our darkest hours, the universe gifts us each a glorious melody. Let me sing yours for you.”

– Arius VanKellan, College of the Curse Caller

Life is a symphony composed of both high notes and low. Of triumphs and defeats. Of fortunes and tragedies. Most bards focus on what will inspire and motivate their comrades, touching the Sacred Note to create music that highlights heroes and their grandest victories. But there are some bards who are unable to see any silver linings when they orchestrate their music, and when they touch the Sacred Note their haunting melodies can only curse those who hear them.

This supplement includes:

  • The College of the Curse Caller archetype.
  • 2 new bard spells.

Featured Image: College of the Curse Caller bard by Anderson Maia

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