Underground Map Packs: The Ghastly Opera House

Desmeri didn’t like any of this. When the boss had told her to meet this group on the edge of the city, she assumed it would be the usual. After all, she specialized in getting people where they weren’t supposed to be, so it wasn’t that she was squeamish. But she was superstitious. Or, at the very least, she’d be taking up the practice as soon as she got out of here.

Everyone knew the old opera house was cursed, haunted, possessed, and a million other things that allowed all sorts of supernatural horrors to terrorize innocent-ish thieves like herself. And these fools not only wanted her to get them into the damned thing but to find a hidden room that they had read about in some old journal. And aren’t they nice keeping a respectful distance? I’m sure they’ll pass on how brave I was to the boss and he’ll toast to me as the guild distributes my belongings. 

The young rogue tried to keep her breathing steady as the floorboards of the stage creaked under her feet. Tried to ignore the thick swaths of cobwebs that hung over everything and seemed to wave on an indiscernible breeze. Think of the coin, Desmeri. Think of the coin. It’s gotten you through rougher than this before, right? 

It was just so hard to concentrate with all of that singing.

This Map Pack includes:

  • The Ghastly Opera House battle map and grisly variant!
  • Gridded and Ungridded versions of each ready for use with your favorite VTT.
  • Adventure Seeds that you can use to get your players to your battle map.
  • A trinkets table full of unique items your players could find while exploring the Ghastly Opera House.

Featured Image: Ghastly Opera House by Alyssa Christensen

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