Otherworldly Patron: The Snow Weaver

“The Snow Weaver, while appearing to be an exuberant young child, is perhaps one of the more dangerous patrons to deal with. They are entirely unconcerned with the consequences of their pathological frivolity and their ignorance of the gravity of mortal death can be problematic.”

– Solomon Reiss, The Givers of Gifts: A Warlock’s Codex.

Your patron is The Snow Weaver, an icy being known for their playful behavior and wintery hijinks. Also called Winter’s Child and the Frozen Foundling across various areas of the continent, The Snow Weaver’s true origins are unknown. Some say they were a child driven from their home during the darkest point of winter, miraculously reborn as the embodiment of capricious cold itself. Others believe that they’re an ancient elemental who simply assumed a form that fit its own impish nature. No matter how they actually came to be, The Snow Weaver is a lively and effervescent being who revels in the frozen gales and drifting snow that comes with the wintertide.

This supplement includes:

  • The new icy warlock patron, The Snow Weaver.
  • Quirks for your Snow Weaver warlock.
  • 3 new eldritch invocations to chill the hearts of your enemies.

Featured Image: Warlock of The Snow Weaver by Anderson Maia

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