Underground Map Packs: The Winter Path

The map that they had been given generously referred to the rough trail that the wagon bounced along as a “road” and left Briony wondering who she wanted to throttle more, the person who made it or the bard singing sharply behind her. It was cold and dark and she was having enough trouble keeping the horses moving at a sustainable pace without the old man’s warbling drawing her attention on every sharp note.

But the young driver was somewhat thankful for the noise that the bard and his group were providing. The snow-covered pines that towered over either side of the road seemed to muffle all sounds beyond those emanating from the adventurer’s wagon and she felt as unnerved as the horses seemed to suddenly be. The forest was too quiet. She may have grown up in the urban confines of her home city, but she had read enough to know that nature was supposed to make noise. Is that something she should bring to their attention? The hearty group of adventurers had made it fairly clear that she was just the driver when they boarded the wagon back on the streets in front of the guild. Beyond making sure they got to their destination as expeditiously as the journey allowed, she was to “offer neither assistance nor input”. 

A throaty laugh burst from the back and pulled her from her thoughts. Judging by the thick brogue that it seemed to carry along with it, she knew it came from the Satyr. Briony allowed herself a moment to think about the heavy axe that the horned woman carried, and the well-worn plate that the golden-haired man was wearing, and that even the offkey music that the bard provided had the currents of arcane bubbling through it when he needed it. If they weren’t worried, seasoned adventurers that they were, why should she be? Briony allowed herself a calming breath and gently urged the horses forward. 

Which, considering what had silently stepped onto the path behind them, they were all too happy to do. 

This Map Pack includes:

  • The Winter Path battle map and Hunter’s Moon and Blood Moon variants!
  • Gridded and Ungridded versions of each ready for use with your favorite VTT.
  • Adventure Seeds that you can use to get your players to your battle map.
  • A trinkets table full of unique items your players could find while exploring along the Winter Path.

Featured Image: The Winter Path by Alyssa Christensen

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