Creaturecopia: Villains of Firstdawn

“In another world, she may have been a hero. But fate gives and takes in equal measure, and so our tale is instead of one who was shaped to walk a darker path.”

– Sage Malden Hull, Epics of Firstdawn, Volume 1.

Firstdawn is the celebration of the Aeonian Spirit, the raw creative energy that winds its way through every facet of the Prime Material and rests as a small spark within every being. It’s about honoring those heroes who have ignited that spark and grown its power through accomplishing extraordinary deeds and facing seemingly insurmountable odds. Firstdawn, above all else, is hope. Hope that there are those out there who would risk themselves for the greater good and stand against evil, but also hope that anyone can become those heroes. The Aeonian Spirit is in all things, after all. Which means that even the most humble goat herder or blacksmith’s child can rise up to protect themselves or those they love against the trials that the world provides.

But that also means that spark can be found in darker souls. And like all things, the Aeonian Spirit is a force of balance. For every light a shadow. For every virtue a vice. And for every hero a villain.

This supplement includes:

  • 3 new threats perfect for your icy campaigns and winter celebrations.
    • Frostbiter, a CR 6 elemental.
    • Mice Imps, CR 1/4 fey.
    • Ralhl Gwyr, a CR 8 trollkin.
  • A new icy cantrip.
  • The legendary artifact, Garulka’s Fury.
  • Plot hooks you can use to introduce these villains of Firstdawn to your party of heroes.
You can learn more about the Firstdawn festival in Firstdawn: The Festival of Spirit.

Featured Image: Frostbiter by Anderson Maia

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