Underground Map Packs: The Lake’s Edge

The heavy wheels of The Ceaseless Caravan creaked to a halt on the banks of the wide, lily-covered lake. Hannah set the breaks and watched as Arona and Brutus both hurtled toward the tranquil waters, the mastiff knocking into the young woman enough to stay competitive but with enough care that the half-elf was able to stay on her feet until they hit the water. 

  “Who do you think will get themselves eaten first?” Valeuness asked wryly as she carried her bedroll from the wagon. 

  Hannah chuckled as she followed the high elf to their campsite. “Aw, hell. Brutus would of let us know if there was something to worry about.” As the words left her, she briefly thought about the last time the dog was nearly eaten by a giant fish but decided the circumstances were different enough that it wasn’t worth mentioning. Hannah snuck a glance at Valeuness to see if the familiar shape of a sarcastic remark was taking form on her mouth, but after a few heartbeats, was pleased to see that her lips were settling into a small smile. Hannah couldn’t help breaking into a wide grin herself as she turned and took in the scenery. The sun was just starting to set, covering their wagon and the lake around them in a pleasant orange glow while fireflies the size of copper coins were slowly beginning to fill the air around them. 

  “I’ll go let Torem know we’re here, otherwise he’ll be at his workbench all night,” Valeuness said, dodging Arona and Brutus as they tumbled to a stop in front of the now crackling fire. Hannah smiled and shook her head slightly, rubbing her calloused hands across her eyes. When had she missed Valeuness making a fire? Must have been daydreaming. She settled down next to the fire and began the comforting pre-rest ritual of tending to her armor and weapons as Arona explained, in overwhelming detail, the latest idea she had for a new buster. Hannah rolled her shoulders and yawned, silently thanking the gods when the alchemist’s rambling slowly trailed off as she fell asleep next to an already snoring Brutus. 

  Hannah laid back and stared up at the sky, the croaking of the frogs and the droning of the fireflies overhead were creating an irresistible lullaby, and she’d be damned if she was going to give up a good sleep. When’s the last time she’d been this bone-tired? Been a while, Hannah. Been a long while, she thought to herself. A tiny voice deep in the back of her head seemed to be trying to get her attention, but she chose to ignore it. As she felt herself falling deeper and deeper into the cloying slumber, she noticed the little voice sounded a lot like Valeuness. 

She’d have to see what she was screaming about in the morning. 

This Map Pack includes:

  • The Lake’s Edge battle map and 3 variants!
  • Gridded and Ungridded versions of each ready for use with your favorite VTT.
  • A new hazard that can be found while exploring the area.
  • Encounter Seeds that you can use to get your players on your battle map.
  • A trinkets table full of unique items your players could find while exploring along the Lake’s Edge.

Featured Image: The Lake’s Edge by Aries Christensen

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