Deities and Domains: Octanoss

“They call us a cult, but we know the truth. We may be a thorn in their side, but we are a spear in the side of those unholy creatures that they dare not face. They will never thank us, but they will sleep soundly tonight because Octanoss’s renegades are on the hunt.”

– Aumin Ivonus, War Deacon of Octanoss

Aliases: The Renegade, Evil’s Bane, Night’s Justice.
Alignment: N
Portfolio: Destruction of the undead, protection of natural life and death, banishment of demons, purification of corruption, holy rage.
Symbol: A double-barred cross made of cold iron and backed with silver.

Although depictions of Octanoss can vary by race and general appearance, she is always shown as a well-armored and well-armed woman with eyes alight with righteous fury. She is a terror to creatures who think themselves without fear. An inexhaustible huntress of the undead and demonic forces that she has sworn to purify from the Prime Material and an unwavering judge of those mortals who would bow to their foul power. She is Evil’s Bane. She is cold Night’s Justice.

This supplement includes:

  • Lore on the banned goddess, Octanoss.
  • A new cleric domain for those devoted to her.
  • A new background that can tie any class to Octanoss’s cause.
  • New cleric-specific spells originating from this Church.
  • New feats to aid in the war on fiends and the undead.
  • New adventuring gear that your team can use in their fight against the stygian forces.

Featured Image: Cleric of Octanoss by Lucas Ferreira

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