Ranger Archetype: Titan Slayer

“The creature stood as tall as my building and plucked me from my bedroom window like I was a peach. As it raised me to its disgusting mouth I was sure that I was done for but lucky for me, someone crashed our impromptu dinner party. Like a hero of old, a dashing and most handsome woman suddenly sprung into view, chopping and slicing the creature to bits before taking me in her arms and ensuring my safety. That’s what I call a rescue, and yes, darling, we did end up having a proper dinner afterward.”

– Countess Eless Brinday, as accounted in The Grand Book of Titans

Killing titans is no easy task, but where massive creatures roam the lands and wreak havoc on communities and the people that build them, it becomes a crucial profession. To be a Titan Slayer is to be willing to risk life and limb against a myriad of towering beasts, lumbering monstrosities, and any looming terrors that seek to consume and destroy the bite-sized humanoids of the realms. It takes someone who is equal parts brave, bold, and foolhardy—all traits that sum up the most legendary Titan Slayers.

This supplement includes:

  • The new ranger archetype, The Titan Slayer.
  • 2 new weapons for your Titan Slayers to wield.
  • The new Hooked Chain fighting style.

Featured Image: Titan Slayer by Anderson Maia

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