Druid Circle: Circle of Civilization

“There are those industrious souls who believe they can conquer nature. That by virtue of shaping stone and felling wood they have somehow removed themselves from the natural order. How very naive they are.”

– Everis SarKhal, Druid of Farkrist

Druids of the Circle of Civilization strive toward creating a balance between the cities of the continent and the natural world that surrounds them. Like their cousins, the silent guardians of the woods, these druids move throughout their chosen cities cultivating greenery, healing sickness before it can spread, protecting those who seek their stewardship, and tracking down those unnatural and unsavory things that would disrupt the harmony between the earthen realms and civilization that they seek to preserve.

This supplement includes:

  • The Circle of Civilization druid archetype.
  • 2 new druid-specific spells.

Featured Image: Civilization Druid by Anderson Maia

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