Primal Path: Path of the Skin Scribe

“My specialty is makin’ marks on bodies. The ones on me are a hell of a lot prettier than the ones I’m fixin’ to leave on you.”

– Sigsvar VenLorid, Skin Scribe of of Highden

In much the same way that monks may fuel their strikes with ki, barbarians of the Path of the Skin Scribe have mastered the art of tapping into the well of mystic energy that lies otherwise ignored within most beings to ink magical sigils, patterns, and images onto their skin. While in the throes of combat, Skin Scribes use these empowered tattoos as a focus to unleash dynamic maneuvers and powerful strikes that quickly turn them from a feast for the eyes to marvels of the battlefield.

This supplement includes:

  • The Path of the Skin Scribe barbarian archetype.
  • 10 mystic tattoos you can use to customize your character!

Featured Image: SkinScribe Barbarian by Anderson Maia

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