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Need over 80 pages of quality 5th edition materials to get you through the long holiday weekend? Then you’re in luck! Right now you can get the launch issue of Crucible Magazine for free just by signing up for their newsletter here. 

It’s packed with FOUR new adventures with custom maps and artwork, two new subclasses, three new character backgrounds, six magic items, adaptable plot hooks, an interview with Luke Gygax, a four-page comic, and more!  The Underground’s own Jess Pendley and Keith Pendley wrote one of the subclasses, the Dungeon Strider ranger archetype, and the three backgrounds, the Deep Born, Dungeon Delver, and Ruin Scrapper!

Keep reading for their official launch announcement below!

Crucible Magazine Launch Announcement

We are pleased to announce the release of the launch issue of Crucible Magazine, an epic monthly publication packed with all the fifth edition content you could ever desire! We’ve teamed up with a diverse team of artists and writers from across the world and are proud to give a platform to showcase their talent. We are giving away our launch issue for FREE to give you an example of what you can expect future issues to include. We are launching our Kickstarter in January 2022, and you can sign up for our newsletter at to get notified as soon as we are live. We have a ton of goodies and add-ons to celebrate the launch, so be on the lookout for more information soon!

Ready for an adventure?

We build each issue around a central theme that ties the content into a comprehensive collection. The content is designed to be plug-and-play into your campaign with as little prep work needed as possible! Each 80+ page monthly release will include the following:

  • Four action-packed new adventures with new monsters
  • Custom Maps made for each adventure
  • Custom artwork throughout the entire issue for scenes and important NPCs
  • New and fully illustrated magic items with stats
  • A “Hot Seat” interview with industry leaders where we get a peek behind the curtain
  • A four-page full-color continuous comic: “Legends of the Freelands”
  • The “Dear Direlords” advice column—good advice from some bad people
  • The Bloodboard—a collection of adventure and quest plots
  • Additional GM and player content such as new subclasses, character races & backgrounds, feats, spells, and so much more!

What formats will it come in?

We are working with Foundry VTT to build a complete JSON module containing the adventures and playable content for each month’s release, making it the first 5e magazine for Foundry! Each issue will be made available in both a digital pdf and print! Every map, player handout, and artwork will also be provided as a digital download for use in the VTT of your choice. A subscription to the print version will include the pdf for ease of access. We’ll release content through our upcoming Patreon, and back issues will be available on the web store.

Where can I get it?

Right here!! We’re giving all of the content for our launch issue FOR FREE!! If you like what you see, please take a moment to sign up for our newsletter at You’ll be the first to learn about our Kickstarter launch as well as the JSON module for the launch issue and a possible FREE 12 Month Subscription! Thank you for your support!

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