Join the UO Hype Crew and Get Free Rewards!

What is the Hype Crew?

Looking behind us, down the long haul, into history back (the 80s and 90s), punk bands and indie artists of all sorts would gather a group of passionate fans and supporters together and form a hype crew that they could count on to help spread the word about their upcoming shows and releases.

We’re looking to apply that same spirit and energy to help get the word out to the larger TTRPG community about Underground Oracle Publishing.

And that’s where you come in!

What Does the Crew Do?

The Underground Oracle Hype Crew (or UO Hype Crew, for short) will help us get our supplements in front of a wider audience of people. We’re currently a two-person operation with a smaller footprint than we’d like, but we have an amazing and supportive network of people around us.

By sharing our social posts, recommending our monthly free community titles to others, pointing folks toward our website, and just helping with word of mouth, we could see growth at a speed we could never accomplish on our own.

And you could help!

What Are the Perks?

Beyond the warm and fuzzy feelings that come with supporting your favorite 3rd party publisher, you’ll also get:

  • A special UO swag bundle when you join.
  • Access to our subscriber-only polls.
  • Our monthly adventurer supplement releases.
  • A special discount on each of our stores.
  • And more to come as we grow together!

In addition to the above, you’ll be able to earn Crew Points which you can redeem to get free supplements, VTT conversions, increased material access, and even more as the program develops!

How Do You Earn Crew Points?

We need hype! Helping us get out there in the community is the easiest and best way to start racking up points. This will include:

  • Being active on the UO discord server.
  • Boosts/shares across various social media.
  • Star ratings on our supplements.
  • Subscriber referrals.
  • And more!

We’ll also offer lots of impromptu ways to gain batches of points during events, giveaways, etc.

Have an idea on how to earn more points? Let us know!

Ready to Join the Hype Crew?

Heck yeah, you are! We’re accepting a limited number of people each quarter, but just fill out the brief survey below and we’ll reach out if you’ve made it into the pilot round of the UO Hype Crew program.

The application deadline for this round is 4/30/2022, so click the link below and submit yours today!

UO Hype Crew Survey

Art by Toby Blanchard © Underground Oracle Publishing

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