The Book of High Seas Treasures

“There is no greater source of adventure than the sea. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling across it to lands unknown valiantly searching for some long-forgotten treasure or if you’re battling whatever gods-forsaken beast has crawled out of it to make a meal of you and your crew, you really can’t avoid the adventure even if you try.”

– Ilyis JolTreer, treasure hunter

The sound of whipping sails and the cries of passing gulls. The feeling of waves bucking and rolling against the hull. The sight of distant shores leading to places unknown. There are few settings that evoke and inspire the trappings of true adventure like the high seas. Titanic creatures, untold treasures, and lost troves of knowledge await all who are brave and bold enough to leave dry land behind and set themselves adrift on the currents of fate. And for those heroes crafty (or lucky) enough to return relatively unscathed, there’s no greater chance for glory and renown.

This supplement includes:

  • 1 new lineage, the half-water fey called Tidal Children, and 4 different fey origins:
    • Asrai
    • Nereid
    • Nixie
    • Undine
  • 1 new background
  • 3 new archetypes:
    • The College of the Sea Breeze bard
    • The Sea Witch warlock
    • The Boarder ranger
  • 2 new creature companions and their full link benefits
  • 2 new creature stat blocks
  • 5 new legendary flags to enhance your ship and its crew

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