Small Favors: Tiny Blessings For 5e

A unicorn approaches a young ranger tentatively, its pearlescent horn gleaming in the sunlight. An ancient mouzling smiles benevolently as her tiny form shimmers and dances before the kneeling group of heroes. A coin disappears from the rogue’s hand as she feels the trap beneath her feet shudder and fall silent. 

  Not all creatures encountered during a life of adventure are dangerous. For every being of ill intent, chaos, or darkness that would seek to impede the travels or goals of a group of well-meaning adventurers, there are those that would reward true hearts and acts of kindness with minor gifts of their own. And although these supernatural tokens of appreciation may be finite, these favors can turn a hero’s fortune just enough to see their quest continue. 

The following describes the game option favors and how to implement them into your games. As with all new variant rules, discuss with your gaming group if this will be a welcome addition to the tone and play style of your table. 

Favors represent a complementary rules option to our previous release, Jinxed: A Vexing New Option For 5e.

Favor Mechanics

The text of each favor describes when it activates, its effect, and under what circumstance it runs its course and vanishes. Some favors only activate once and are gone, while others continue until the player has taken a particular action or the favor has activated a set number of times. A player may only have one favor at a time. If they gain an additional favor the effects of their current favor end immediately, the current favor vanishes and is replaced by the new favor.

New Favors

The following is a selection of favors that can be used to award players. GMs are encouraged to use the below favors as templates to create their own tiny blessings to gift their players. 

Favor Table

d6 Favor
1 Favor of Blurred Body
2 Favor of Fortunate Soul
3 Favor of Golden Body
4 Favor of Grig’s Luck
5 Favor of Inner Strength
6 Favor of Intuited Knowledge

Favor of Blurred Body

When you would be successfully hit by an attack, roll a d100. On a result of 1-50, the attack misses you as though the attacking creature failed their attack roll. On a result of 51-100, the attack succeeds as normal. Once this favor has activated 3 times it vanishes from you. 

Favor of Fortunate Soul 

When you would make a death saving throw at the start of your turn, you automatically succeed. Once this favor has activated it vanishes from you.

Favor of Golden Body

When you finish a long rest, roll 1d10. You gain that many temporary hit points. This favor lasts for 1d4 days, after which it vanishes from you.

Favor of Grig’s Luck

When you make an attack roll, an ability check, a saving throw, or initiative roll, you may roll an additional d20 and choose which of the d20s is used for the roll. You must choose to use this before you roll your first die. Once this favor has activated 3 times it vanishes from you.

Favor of Inner Strength

You gain resistance to bludgeoning damage and your carrying capacity is increased by half. This favor lasts for 1d4 days, after which it vanishes from you.

Favor of Intuited Knowledge 

When you make an Intelligence check or saving throw, add 1d6 to the result. This favor lasts for 1d4 days, after which it vanishes from you.

Creature Features

The following are a few example features that GMs can apply to existing creatures to allow them to access and utilize the favors presented in this supplement. 

Auspicious Imbuement. When the [name of creature] touches a container of fluid containing up to 1 gallon of liquid, it infuses it with a favor of its choice. A creature that drinks the fluid gains the benefits of the chosen favor. 

Bestowing Burst. All creatures of [name of creature]’s choice within 30 feet of it gain a random favor. [name of creature]’s turn ends immediately after using this feature. 

Favor. [name of creature] targets a creature it can see within 15 feet of it. The target creature gains a random favor.

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