Underground Oracle Launches Under the Harvest Moons

Underground Oracle Publishing is proud to announce the launch of Under the Harvest Moons, a 50-page premium softcover supplement containing archetypes, creatures, creepy rules options, cursed magic items, and a plethora of original lore that both players and game masters can use just in time for their Halloween games!

In addition to fully remastered versions of our past award-winning Patreon content, this shelf-ready premium softcover book includes never-before-released materials and items, like the Terroborn lineage and its four different nightmare ancestries. 

Under the Harvest Moons includes:

  • Haunted world options like new festivals, cults, guilds, and rules. 
  • Eerie new player options including a new lineage, archetypes, and spells.
  • Terrifying monsters and stand-alone creature features to up the ante of your horror encounters. 

Under the Harvest Moons will be available as a digital PDF or as a premium softcover book and every tier from the PDF level up will also include the Shard Tabletop and Roll20 versions of Under the Harvest Moons at no additional charge!

Pledge at the early bird tiers available for the first 24 hours and receive massive discounts and a set of creepy digital map packs!

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