Under the Harvest Moons is Live (AND FUNDED!)

Under the Harvest Moons, a 50+ page 5e horror sourcebook containing archetypes, creatures, creepy rules options, cursed magic items, and a plethora of original lore is now live on Kickstarter!

This Quickstarter will run until 10/28. Pledge at the early bird tiers available for the first 24 hours and receive massive discounts and a set of creepy digital map packs!

We have incredible digital stretch goals to unlock, like never-before-seen archetypes, backgrounds, and a set of Halloween-themed creatures to supplement our Electrum-selling Creature Companions: A New Option For Any Class, which will be available to everyone at the pdf level and above when they unlock!

Our $7 Early Bird Tier Includes:

  • A set of creepy digital map packs
  • Under the Harvest Moons PDF
  • Under the Harvest Moons on Shard Tabletop
  • Under the Harvest Moons on Roll20

Click the link below to get your pledge in and check out our preview PDF complete with the full Veil Watchman ranger archetype and Black-Eyed Child creature stat block!


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