Cypher Setting Focus: Harrow, the Blighted Plane

It’s time to announce that our inaugural Cypher System setting focus will be Harrow, the Blighted Plane.

All patrons at our $3 monthly tier and up will receive the quickstart guide for Harrow, the Blighted Plane, and thanks to the fantastic way Monte Cook Games handles their license and SRD, the quickstart will include all the rules you will need to play in this setting in the Cypher System.

So you won’t have to own any additional books to play!

This quickstart won’t be publicly available and will include the species, descriptors, types, and foci that you will need to create your Harrow characters immediately, as well as an overview of the history and setting that you’ll need to get things started.

Through March, we’ll continue to expand the Harrow quickstart with additional lore, creatures, cyphers, artifacts, equipment, and more until we launch the KS to bring the book to fruition around the start of April. Throughout that time, we’ll be looking for feedback from our Patreon supporters that will directly affect the outcome of the final book and core setting.

At the start of May, our setting focus will shift and we’ll be kicking off this process again with a new genre and setting!

Want to start your adventures in Harrow as soon as possible and help shape how the world develops?

Join us on Patreon for as low as $3 per month and help take our publishing efforts to the next level.

“In the Oasis” by Victor Benitez Morales

Harrow, the Blighted Plane

A dusky sky filled with a constant aurora overlooks a sea of phosphorescent-streaked sand, while a group of young gatherers prepares their small sandship for a trip to one of the life-sustaining fungal oases that sprout from this strange landscape. Crystalblighted creatures stalk through towering mushrooms and skim across crystalline dunes while twisted monstrosities distorted by esoteric energies shriek and howl in the Lucent Wastes.

This is Harrow, the Blighted Plane.

Crystalpunk Fantasy in a Fallen World

The world of Harrow exists where the genres of high fantasy and post-apocalypse meet—with a healthy dose of crystalpunk aesthetics thrown in for fun and good measure.

While playing in Harrow, you’ll explore massive fungal forests filled with dangerous creatures and strange beings competing for the precious natural resources found there. You’ll guide your small vessel across the unending watersands while trying to outrun the massive ships of the plunderous Lekaine Armada. You’ll uncover powerful artifacts of the fallen kitarya’s dynasty as you try to stave off the mutating effects of the energies that roll through the Lucent Wastes. You may even find your way off of the Blighted Plane, should your luck play out and you so choose.

Because despite the inherent dangers of Harrow, it is also a setting rooted in hope. Of resilient people finding their own ways to thrive in a world nearly destroyed by the arrogance and cruelty of those that once ruled over them. Of stubborn optimism and the celebration of hard-won freedom in the face of impossible odds. Of epic adventures and ceaseless discovery in a world still in its newfound infancy.

Harrow is all of these things—plus everything that you make of it.

“Dune Leaper Run” WIP by Tasca Skelton


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