News from The Underground: Cypher Events, Freebies, and More

Hello, Fine Folk of The Underground!

It’s been a hot minute since we did a general news update and we’ve got a lot of cool things happening, so it seemed like a great time to reach out.

Discord Events: Decyphering Cypher and Harrow Character Contest

We’ve got events running every Thursday in our server, but the ones that you won’t want to miss are our “Decyphering Cypher” series, which are interactive events that walk you through the basics of the Cypher System. This Thursday, we’re taking a look at Player and GM Intrusions.

Get notified here!

While you’re in the Discord, you can also check out our current Harrow: The Blighted Plane character contest! Stop by, show off your Harrow character, and you could be one of 3 winners! Check out #contests-and-giveaways for the full details.

Free Cypher Booster Packs

If you’re not a current Patron, you may have missed our announcement yesterday about our new Cypher Boosters.

Our Cypher Boosters are free to our newsletter subscribers and offer new batches of genre-specific NPCs, cyphers, creatures, intrusions, and more that you can easily slot into Cypher System games. Each of our Cypher Boosters will be available for new and current subscribers to download when they drop (through the newsletter or sign-up form), but members of our Patreon will have permanent access to all past and future boosters as a patron bonus.

Snag Cypher Booster #1 Here!

Some artwork copyright Kii W – – used with permission.

New Merch Alert

We’ve just uploaded a batch of new designs to our TeePublic storefront! We’re calling these our “Start Your Story” line, designed by Toby Blanchard of Bughop Designs and featuring art from Tasca Skelton, Victor Benitez Morales, and Michael Wolmarans.

You can get these designs on Tees, Hoodies, Stickers, Mugs, Magnets, and more. Check them all out below and Patrons, don’t forget to use those exclusive discounts!

Merch Here!

And that’s it for now, folks!

If you haven’t joined our newsletter and you’d like more regular updates, exclusive discounts, and various freebies, sign up here. (And if you felt like helping spread the word to your Cypher-interested friends, that would go a long way and be much appreciated.)

Thanks again for all of your support and happy gaming!

~ Jess and Keith

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