Underground Oracle Presents – Curiosity: A Harrow Story

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we have launched our own podcast called Underground Oracle Presents, which will house fictional stories and actual plays set in the various worlds of Underground Oracle Publishing.

We’re kicking things off with an amazing three-part mini-series created in collaboration with Joel Righetti of Joel Righetti’s Speaking Stone Studio, Curiosity: A Harrow Story. Curiosity provides an excellent view of life in The Mound, Harrow’s primary city, through the eyes of someone not originally from the Blighted Plane. 

You can find Underground Oracle Presents on your podcast app of choice, and you can listen to the bonus episode 0 below, which explains how Harrow fell and makes a great introduction to Curiosity and the world of Harrow as a whole.


Harrow is fully funded and heading toward stretch goals!

If you want to see the book filled with more creatures, cyphers, adventures, and more, get your pledge in today and help us spread the word!

Pledge Here

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