Cypher Shorts: Sci-fi Shorts Vol. 1

Cypher Shorts are special one-shot adventures designed for single sessions of three to four hours. Using a simplified character creation process and streamlined setup, Cypher Shorts are perfect for situations where:

  • the entire gaming group isn’t available
  • the group wants to experiment with a new genre
  • someone new wants to act as GM for a session
  • when the GM or PCs need a palate cleanser before resuming the normal campaign

The following Cypher Shorts are setting agnostic, although the GM is encouraged to tailor where these scenarios take place as they wish, and can be used as standalone one-shots or as low-prep inspiration for sessions in an ongoing campaign. The character creation guidelines for Cypher Shorts are provided later in this supplement, but existing characters can be used if the group prefers and the GM is comfortable.

Cypher Shorts are a supplement for the Cypher System and require an Underground Oracle Publishing setting ($3 on our Patreon)the free Cypher System Rules Primer, or the Cypher System Rulebook to play.

This Volume of Cypher Shorts Includes:

  • Haywire Mother: The characters have been chosen to test the capabilities of Demeter, a new miracle A.I. that will ensure humanity’s place among the stars. But when Demeter designates the crew as a threat to her station, can the characters overcome her technological onslaught long enough to regain control?
  • One Week on Indo: The characters have been tasked with cataloging the amazing plants and creatures present on Indo, a terran-like planet that has gained the interest of a prominent bio research corp. When their plans go sideways and they’re forced to survive against the planet’s strange elements, will they rise to the challenge or face extinction themselves?
  • Pit Stop: The characters have come into view of a remote spaceport and are far too low on resources to pass it up, no matter how concerned they might be about its eerie silence or the presence of the new asteroid slowly orbiting it. Can the crew get refueled and get out alive before it’s too late?
  • Cypher Shorts Guidelines: The simplified rules that you need to run and create characters for your Cypher Shorts.


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