Venture Into The Catacombs

The Catacombs are a special, patron-exclusive area where our members can access the cyphers, artifacts, NPCs, creatures, GM Intrusions, and encounters that we create outside of our settings in one easily accessible and searchable location. No more digging through PDFs or combing through Patreon posts to find the one item that’s nagging at the back of your mind, instead, our patrons can head to The Catacombs and quickly find what they need for their upcoming session.

Additionally, any of the materials that we created that are technically setting agnostic, but one of us may have created with a specific setting in mind, will have that setting indicated in the item’s entry, so you can quickly find anything that we would consider a good fit for Harrow: the Blighted Plane, Wyld Space, and more!

We’ll keep The Catacombs updated weekly with new materials from our Cypher Boosters, Oracle Talks design challenges, and our Cypher Shorts collections as they drop, so we definitely encourage our supporters to check back now and then to see what fresh materials might have been added.

You can access The Catacombs from our menu,  and if you’re not currently a patron, stop by our Patreon and see all of the wonders that supporting us can unlock for you!

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