Echoes From The Underground: Wyld Space, Cypher Con, and Pick-A-Species Patron Drive

There are a ton of awesome happenings burbling up from the mysterious depths of The Underground, from the drop of our new Cypher System setting focus, to our sponsoring Cypher Con online, to a very exciting Patron drive.

Check it out below!

Current Setting Focus: Wyld Space

Art by Tasca Skelton

In case you’ve missed the ruckus on our various social channels, we just dropped the v1 early access of Wyld Space for our supporters on Patreon.

Wyld Space is a science fiction setting with a strong emphasis on high adventure and fun, full-throttle action where you play as wylds—anthropomorphic animals who left Earth behind long ago to take their place among the stars. 

Each month during our current publishing cycle, we’ll update our early access document with additional lore and materials as well as changes based on the exclusive playtest and feedback surveys available to our patrons.

Wyld Space EA v1 contains:

  • The Setting Primer
  • The first section of the setting’s history and lore
  • 3 species of wyld – the cat, mallard, and wolf
  • 1 type – the heavy
  • 1 small collective space locale
  • 1 small flux space locale
  • All of the basic rules needed to learn to play the Cypher System

Join us today on Patreon for only $3 per month and you can help us shape the future of this setting before it hits the shelves!

Join Our Patreon


We’re A Cypher Con Sponsor

Our friends at Cypher Unlimited are hosting the first ever Cypher Con—a three-week online convention where you can learn the basics of the Cypher System, join in online games, watch premier videos from the developers at Monte Cook Games, and more!

It starts on Thursday, July 20th, and will run for 3 weeks. Per the folks at CU:

Every Thursday we will be premiering new videos made with Monte Cook Games’ very own Sean K. Reynolds! They will be posted to an open forum channel so everyone can discuss the topic! (and, who knows, we might even have a few members of the MCG team hop on to answer some of your questions!) These videos will explain the core mechanics of Cypher System to help new and old players alike.

For these three weekends, from Friday to Sunday, we will be hosting games from multiple GMs. Feel free to join, whether you’re a new player looking to learn, or a veteran of the system looking to get your game on! The last day of Cypher Con games will be Sunday, August 6th!

There are a ton of opportunities to jump into an online game, including two different sessions run by Underground Oracle general manager, Kayla Bayens.

You can join in the fun on the Cypher Unlimited Disord server and sign up to play at the links below.

CU Discord Game Sign Up


Pick-A-Species Patron Drive

We make it a part of our standard development process to get feedback on our settings as they roll out, but for the first time, we’re giving our Patrons the opportunity to choose a core species to be included in our current setting, Wyld Space!

If we hit our next Patron goal of 150 patrons by August 1st, we’ll not only allow our patrons to choose a species of wyld to include in the core book, we’ll make sure that the chosen wyld is front and center in an amazing character scene, like the ones created by Kendal Gates below!

If you’re already one of our supporters, now is the perfect time to reach out to your Cypher curious friends and get them on board. Each of our early access settings contains all of the basic rules you need to play, so it’s a steal at the patron price tag.

Pick A Species!


From Our Allies: Sky Zephyrs

As those of you who have followed Harrow: The Blighted Plane know, we’re fans of ship-to-ship options here at Underground Oracle, which is why we have to mention this upcoming Kickstarter from our friends at HOMIEandTheDUDE.

If you’re still playing 5e, and you have been disappointed with the meager options provided for ship combat and play, you will not want to miss this amazing combat overlay system, which is easily customizable to use for the air, sea, and even space!

Find your crew, choose/build your ship, and master the rules of vehicle combat with “Sky Zephyrs, an airship combat overlay!” for 5e.  When the Kickstarter launches next month, you can get:

  • Book in PDF format
  • Dozens of custom sky-based Feats
  • Dozens of Spells, Creatures and Magic Items
  • Sky battle map for VTTs
  • GM and PC Zephyr combat trackers
  • High-res Artwork and Game-Ready Stat Blocks of Zephyrs(Airships) and their Crews
  • STL files for 3D printing of multiple ship crews (The Pirate Crew, The Vigilante Crew, The Mafia Crew etc.)
  • A Free Subscription to the Ship Builder App (Being developed right now)

Hit the button below to be notified when they officially go live and you can start your Zephyr adventures!

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