Echoes From The Underground: Spooktober Freebies, A New Imprint, and The Catacombs Expands

The leaves have turned, the hoodies have been pulled from their spring hideaways, and the scent of pumpkin spice wafts from every cup. All of these omens can mean only one thing.

Spooktober is upon us.

Check out the tricks and treats that we’ve stirred up below!

Free Spooky Creatures

Cypher Conversions: Black-eyed child ad card from Underground Oracle Publishing. It features a sallow-skinned child in tattered clothing standing on a cobblestone path in front of a burning cottage. Art by Anderson Maia.
Art by Anderson Maia

In honor of the TTRPG community’s favorite upcoming holiday, we’ve converted creatures from our fan-favorite 5e horror supplement, Under the Harvest Moons, to Cypher System. As of now, you can add the insidious Black-Eyed Child and the cursed Bunny Man to your Halloween one-shots or ongoing horror campaigns.

We have one more dreadful creature that we’ll be dropping before the month is out, so join our newsletter to make sure that you don’t miss its grim arrival!

Black-Eyed Child Bunny Man

Introducing Unplaytested Presents

The cover of We Own The Night by Unplaytested Presents. It shows a werewolf backlit by a full moon and standing on a high hill, flanked by two wolves. Art by Iobard
Art by Iobard

We’ve made a lot of changes since switching from developing for 5e to the Cypher System at the start of the year, and we’ve been incredibly grateful for all of the support that we’ve gotten and continue to get as we change and grow. Our most recent change is the launch of our first imprint under the Underground Oracle Publishing banner, Unplaytested Presents!

Made to house the experimental and small-bite ttrpgs created by myself and Keith Pendley, Unplaytested Presents will focus on exploring a variety of SRDs for titles that we create outside of the Underground Oracle settings. Our first (very seasonally appropriate) title is We Own the Night, a LUMEN game where PCs take on the roles of werewolves fighting back the corruptive forces of the undead.

We Own the Night is perfect for a Halloween one-shot. It’s quick to learn, very cost-effective, and packed with all of the flavor that we could fit into its tiny frame.

WOtN Itch WOtN Drivethru

Creatures in The Catacombs

A person in a small boat spies an edritch creature rising from the swamp in front of them. Art by Liu zishan.
Art by Liu zishan

A few months back we launched a new subscriber-exclusive option for our paid supporters, The Catacombs. For those who missed the announcement, The Catacombs is a searchable database where we store the cyphers, NPCs, and more that we create in our Cypher Shorts, Oracle Talks design challenges, Cypher Boosters, and other non-setting sources for our supporters to peruse and add to their games. We’re continuing to expand The Catacombs where we can, and most recently we created a section for creatures!

Subscribers can now search for creatures and be treated to their level, truncated stats, appearance, genre, and motivation, making them perfect to quickly insert into your Cypher sessions. The Catacombs updates weekly, so keep checking back in for more options.

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