Deities and Domains: AlayalBreen

“Some have said our goddess is fickle. That the hearts of her followers are as flighty as her own. But AlayalBreen has shown us the truest ways of love. It’s not a gem to be hoarded, it’s the bread of the masses. Something precious, yes, but something that should be shared freely.” — Larielle Sharin, Archbishop […]

Woodland Spellcraft: New Ranger-Specific Spells

“The magic that true rangers have at their fingertips can not be underestimated. You may not see their power demonstrated as rawly as druids, but their command of the earthen is both tactical and admirable.” — Sebren Sage, Knowledge Seeker of the Libraries of Salloe.

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Our Publication Schedule We publish our supplements every Thursday on the following schedule: Week 1:  Adventurer Supplement Week 2:  Adventurer Supplement Week 3:  PWYW Supplement, Hero Supplement Week 4:  Adventurer Supplement Quarterly:  Champion Supplement Quarterly:  Underground Oracle Quarterly PWYW Titles We will always have a selection of PWYW titles available in our library. It’s something […]

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