The Ceaseless Caravan: Arona’s Battle Busters

“Arona’s been a welcome addition to the Caravan. The kid’s got gumption, plus Brutus loves her. And I’m not one to turn my nose up at anythin’ that can cause that sort of damage.” – Hannah Kerrigan, Mastersmith on The Ceaseless Caravan

Underground Map Packs: Waterworks Hideout

Kirin studied the marks on the walls carefully, letting the pads of her fingers trace over each esoteric rune. They were here alright. Although the fence had been speaking quickly to save his own skin, at least he had been speaking truthfully of the cult’s location in the city. She did seem to have that […]

Heprion’s Guide: Tools of the Trade

“So many times our focus is drawn to the mythical creations. The artifacts that stand as tall as the legends who wield them. But perhaps some recognition should be given to those small wonders that kept those intrepid heroes alive long enough to build their sagas?”

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