Martial Archetype: Field Medic

Field Medics are warriors and healers trained to care for people under the direst of circumstances. Whether soldiers, civilians, or their adventuring party, Field Medics continually risk their own life and limb to care for the sick and wounded.  Although their initial training is completed while assisting their mentor in battle, Field Medics spend their […]

Monastic Tradition: Way of the Torn Thread

Monks of the Way of the Torn Thread specialize in using their ki to physically brutalize and maim their opponents as quickly as possible. Rather than eschewing their darker emotions, these martial warriors choose to focus their aggression and anger into deadly tools of war.  The art was originally developed within rebel camps in the […]

Bard Archetype: College of the Folk Singer

Folk Singers are a fellowship of traveling musicians who speak to and for the people. They uplift the spirits of those around them by singing of better days and brighter futures and they inspire would-be heroes with tales of heroism and homegrown bravery. There are few bards more dangerous to tyrants and despots than those […]

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