Realms of The Underground: Underground Oracle Quarterly Vol. 2

The second quarterly from Underground Oracle Publishing is now ready for your 5e gaming tables. Here you will find all of the weekly releases published by Underground Oracle throughout December of 2019 and January and February of 2020, all complemented by the professional layout of Nathan Paoletta.

Creaturecopia: Xarlphus

“We’ve had several skirmishes with the beast. It’s impossible to tell how badly we’ve damaged it before it retreats back into that damnable howling storm, but we lost Frederick and all hopes for healing with him last night. We’ll be approaching the keep soon, and I know it will be waiting for us there. I […]

Creaturecopia: Skremp

“Never shall you find another creature less aware of its own annoying nature than a skremp. They talk too much, too often, and too loudly. Everywhere they go trouble follows them, or they create it where there’s none to be found. Worse yet, they seem to have an immensely good time while doing it all.” […]

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